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We specialise in the sales and service of new, used and refurbished laboratory equipment.

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Our Service Maintenance Agreements can be tailored to your needs, mixing different contract types for different instruments. This ensures your laboratory equipment servicing is carried out with your requirements in mind and with minimal disruption to your department.Your laboratory equipment is an costly investment and deserves expert care from a company with over 15 years experience in the industry.


Then there is also the important safety aspect. A regular service will ensure your laboratory devices are safe to use and give you the peace of mind that the user will not be placed into any danger. This is particularly critical for instruments like centrifuges which spin at high speeds. Any slight defect or corrosion in the rotor pins, arms or buckets can result in a disruption, which is not only incredibly dangerous, but will also completely write off the centrifuge.

In short, a piece of laboratory equipment which is in a healthy condition will work out more affordable in the long term. A laboratory instrument which has not been serviced is more likely to break down and cost you money in the long term. You may think, that by avoiding a service, you are saving money, but as time goes by, the likelihood of you having a costly breakdown will naturally increase. In addition to this, instruments which are not regularly serviced will have a shorter life expectancy. This means that you will have to purchase a new piece of laboratory equipment more often than usual.

+ 44 (0) 1623237787

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specialists in new & refurbished laboratory equipment

We can service a wide range of laboratory equipment including centrifuges, incubators, ovens, shakers as your service provider, you are guaranteed a fast, efficient and friendly service. We have a team of skilled and professional engineers, as well as a dedicated in-house remote support team to offer technical assistance & guidance over the phone.

Regularly servicing your laboratory equipment will save you money on repairs in the long term and keep your instruments in peak condition. ASUS Technologies Limited offer a range of flexible approaches to give you a fast, reliable and cost effective support program for a range of equipment.