Having worked in the industry for many years we know and understand the challenges and rewards offered by the healthcare industry and that they are quite unique. We want to make a difference in offering a high value service level whilst also supporting the refurbishment of laboratory apparatus and equipment and extending the lifecycle in line with the waste hierarchy and our desire to support the environment.

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We specialise in the sales and service of new, used and refurbished laboratory equipment.

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​​​Established in 2014 ASUS Technologies has been dedicated to excellence, delivering world-class service standards to the healthcare industry across UK. As specialists in the sale of new and used laboratory medical and scientific equipment we ensure that we retain the long term relationship and support with support ongoing maintenance of your laboratory apparatus and equipment and committed to providing effective solutions for our customers. 

What sets us apart is the manner in which we deliver those solutions and the quality standards to which we vehemently adhere. We understand the fluid nature of the laboratory scientific and medical equipment market, the strict regulatory guidelines and the wider operational challenges faced by our customers. Whether you're looking for detailed advice on new laboratory apparatus and equipment purchase or a field based laboratory maintenance solution or a combination of both, we will work with you to find the best possible solution. 

All of us at ASUS Technologies understand the absolute need to maintain, at an exceptional standard, laboratory, medical and scientific equipment that save and improve the quality of peoples lives. We do it because we care and because we know no one does it better.

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Our dedication to the highest quality standards and supporting the environment have helped us become the trusted and approved laboratory apparatus and equipment maintenance providers with an ever growing customer base. All of us at ASUS Technologies understand the need to maintain, to an exceptional standard our product and service levels helping to ensure our customers can concentrate on what they do best.

Here at ASUS Technologies we are dedicated to you and all your different laboratory apparatus and equipment needs. We have evolved into one of the UK's leading suppliers of both new and refurbished laboratory equipment working with the Public Sector, Academia and many major & start up Pharmaceutical & Research companies. 

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